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Monday, July 18, 2016 9:45 PM
To see more of Milt Priggee’s work, visit
  • Seattle's real estate market makes paupers out of kings
    To see more of Milt Priggee’s work, visit
  • Scenes of remembrance for Orlando were far outnumbered by all the floats, marchers and big balloons heaping praises on the many parade sponsors, as well as the marching companies who used Pride to  show off their LGBTQ employees and their commitment to “diversity.”
  • What the last few weeks’ events clearly demonstrate is what Black Lives Matter  activists have been saying for two years: America, and Seattle, have a policing problem.
  • What links the sale of a downtown parking garage, the sale of a 33-acre piece of city land in West Seattle, a new police station in the north end and funding for homeless programs?
  • Early in June, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction adopted its 2017 standards for student health education.
  • The sounds of gunfire in Seattle are becoming way too commonplace for a city playing catch-up to match its ever growing population with a police force  capable of handling increases in crime. 
  • In the last legislative session, House Speaker and long-time 43rd District Representative Frank Chopp came under heavy criticism for single-handedly killing a bill (HB2442/SB 6311) that would have extended substantial property tax breaks to owners of existing low-income and affordable apartments. 
  • Recently I was going through a file of old articles and I found a cover story I wrote for the Post-Intelligencer, illustrated by a drawing of a woman holding a stem that is reaching for the sidewalk. Clearly, I was desperately trying to find my place in Belltown and all that showed in the artist’s sketch. 
  • It’s been only a couple of months since Sound Transit’s Link light rail expanded by two stops (Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium), and immediately became a much more useful way to get around town.
  • I live in Ballard, but travel quite a bit for business. 
  • I was taken aback by your comment about "affordable" housing in North Seattle!  Really!
  • ST3 plan won't serve outlying growth centers
    Before giving your support to Sound Transit 3, the $50 billion plan to expand light rail (and add $400-$500 to the average annual property tax), we ask you to closely review the arguments of those urging a no vote on this measure. 
  • Does councilwoman abuse reveal what we've become?
    What happened after the City Council's vote 5-4 vote against a SoDo arena was both predictable and appalling: an outpouring of explicitly misogynic hate directed at the five female councilmembers on social media and in direct correspondence to their offices.
  • Sudden death on arena; is overtime possible?
    In the end, the City Council’s decision in May not to sell two blocks of a little-used industrial street to the Sonics Arena project felt like many games in the SuperSonics’ final years, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the final seconds of play.
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello, I love you
    Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Please, do sit down. You don’t know me yet, but I’m Daniel Nash, the new editor of City Living.
  • This Mother’s Day, May 8, many of us will celebrate the powerful bond between mother and child. Tragically, the world-wide symbols of motherhood - dairy cows - never get to see or nurture their babies. 
  • Here in Seattle, we want everything now. While that might not have always been the case, this constantly expanding metropolis now dictates we be in a constant state of impatience.

  • Rather than basking in the warmth of a beautiful Sunday in Seattle, a large number of people instead got heated during what has been described by many as a very frustrating Democratic legislative-district caucus experience.

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