RE: City sues over Duck Island Skate Park   

"I have been very angry about this unbelievable destruction at this very beautiful site!  There can be no excuse whatsoever, and all participants must be held responsible. The culprits (and/or their parents) should have to pay back all damage costs and be required to perform community service work for at least one year. The store sponsoring this destruction, 35th North, on Capitol Hill, should in addition to their fines to the maximum based on state laws,  should be put out of business at this and any other location for at least 10 years. There must be zero tolerance for such criminal acts to tax-payer funded protected wild-life and nature areas 

RE: Tax the rich... 

"I fully support these statements!  I am so sick of being taxed to the maximum, while the wealthy corporations, like Boeing and Amazon, go away free. Why does Seattle always need to be a "company town?" I myself pay 90 percent of my social Sec. income on rent. My car tab renewal due this month would be $400!  So, I will be forced to give up my car, one more slap in the face by a city totally out of control and so far removed from reality that law makers seem at best braindead, at worst cynically hateful of everyone not making at least $100,000 per year! Shame on the city council members, all of them. By the way, I voted down all tax increases for transportation - Public transportation should be a given and part of the (rich) city expenses; funding such necessary projects should never be on any ballot. If the city had funded these projects decades ago, we wouldn't be talking about this now - and it would have been a whole lot cheaper then. The city of Atlanta still thanks us for the federal funds we left on the table for them by not taking advantage of these funds for transit so many years ago.

To the free-loaders not voting in this last election - or in any other- how lazy and ignorant are you when you can vote at home in your under-wear and then even  be provided with a free drop box in several locations?  I say, go to China or N. Korea; they love non-participants! I love the quote by Lincoln - god knows that these people do a lot of sitting on their butts!  Burn blisters, burn...

Thank You,

Carol Meyer, Ravenna