I met my husband at his work Christmas party. His pickup line was that he had a picture of moose — not kidding. It worked, as we made plans for him to cook me dinner the next night and show me this picture. I knew soon after that it “moosebelove” for a girl to fall for boy with a pickup line like that, and it was.” 

— Skyelynn C., 30

After a bad breakup a few years back, I decided to finally take the plunge and give on-line dating a chance. This guy had messaged me, and after a few exchanges, we met for drinks at a bar on Capitol Hill. 

Remembering my love for hot dogs from my dating profile, he suggested we could either head over to Po Dog or grab some wieners from QFC to grill at his place. Since it was a nice summer evening, I opted for grilling out. On the way to QFC, he drops this one on me: “Hey, uh, I’ve gotta make rent tomorrow, so would you mind buying the hot dogs?” 

We went back to his place; I had envisioned that perhaps some sort of rooftop grill or maybe a patio — nope. He pulls out a camping stove, and we sit on the street corner in camping chairs over looking I-5, which was so loud we could barely hear each other. Oh, and he kept the remaining hot dogs for his roommates. 

— Jessica R., 29

I think my most memorable date was right after I had my wisdom teeth out and my then-boyfriend (now-husband) unexpectedly came over with ice cream, flowers and a movie, just willing to hang out and be “there for me.” Even though I was in pain and terribly swollen, it was one of the best dates. I learned to appreciate the little gestures that mean so much. Those little gestures are one of the reasons I married him.

— Kelly O., 37

“Angelina” and I were classmates in graduate school at the University of Washington. I planned a romantic evening: dinner on The Ave, a classical-music concert on campus, then I was going to drive us to a mutual friend’s birthday party in Fremont. 

When we got to my car, a window was smashed and about five coins were missing from the coin holder. We took a Metro bus to the party. I stewed in the corner while Angelina talked to another guy, who ended up driving her home. 

Don’t leave coins in your car. It can lead to a broken window and heart. 

— Matt W., 41

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